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Police Fan Survey...for anyone with some time to kill :)

Hello all,

I just thought some might enjoy checking this out, especially if you enjoy filling out surveys and polls:

The Ultimate Police Fan Survey

50 Questions about The Police, Sting, Stewart & Andy - vote for favorite albums & songs, solo projects, and give opinions on The Police reunion and all sorts of other things. I love the band and also love creating polls, so I thought it would be fun to see the results from as many different fans as possible.

Thanks for checking it out if you do!
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A new Police project on the web is now live and open to all: the PoliceWiki.

What is the PoliceWiki?

The PoliceWiki is a project created for all Police fans. The goal is for fans of The Police, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland and Sting to document the band's history in a format that is open to everyone’s contributions of knowledge, reference materials, and experiences.

Why a wiki?

There is a wealth of Police and Police-related information on the internet that has been assembled and generated by a number of dedicated and hardworking people throughout the years. But the difficulty is that information on the band -- its history, its members, its accomplishments -- is spread out all over the place: a timeline of events over here; a discography over there; a list of related solo efforts elsewhere. There is also useful information scattered throughout decades of magazine articles and interviews easily lost track of through time.

The goals of the PoliceWiki are to make it possible to locate such information quickly and easily, to serve as a quick reference source where various types of information relevant to the band have been brought together into a single repository, and to make it so that information can be easily expanded upon by anyone who has details to add.

Can I help out?

Absolutely! That's what a wiki is all about. This is a project created for fans, by fans, and won't succeed without them. In fact, right now the wiki is mostly just a framework with a lot of placeholder (or "stub") pages--we've only just begun to start to add real content. The more people who become involved in adding their time and knowledge to the project, the better it will become. If you're interested in contributing to the project, please read through our Help pages ( for more information, or contact sockii with your specific questions.
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Police documentary needs your help!

Hey folks!

There's a fabulous fan-made documentary in the works about the Police called "Set Them 3". You can view the trailer for it here:

Gert has gone way above and beyond with this project and has interviews and lots of never-seen-before footage with lots of folks associated with the band through the years. It's sure to be a treat to all fans, but the project NEEDS YOUR HELP. Without enough signatures in the guestbook for the trailer, it's going to have problems securing distribution.

So, please, if you can, take a moment to sign the guestbook (and soon!) and let them know that you want to see this film!

Thanks for your time.
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Hi! =) Potentially an unorthodox request in this community - but my computer had major issues really, and I lost a bunch of my albums by The Police - could any of you potentially upload  the "Live!" album, or the "Outlandos D'Amour" album, or anything you can give me, really. Would be very greatful!

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Songs From The Labyrinth

2006 release out now! Sting sings to the music of Elizabethan composer, John Dowland (1563-1626).

Song titles include: "Can she excuse my wrongs", "Have you seen the bright lily grow", "Weep you no more, sad fountains"

I purchased my copy at Best Buy for $14.99 as a gift to a special someone who enjoys Sting and Lorenna McKennett.