mucks (muckseen) wrote in everybreath,

Concert Photos

Hey there, my name's Max, I'm 18 and I've been a Sting fan since I was around 14. I live in Malta, so anyone who's been following the Broken Music tour might know that Sting just gave a concert here yesterday night! It was hugely well recieved, it's estimated that around 18,000 people went. Take that into perspective with the fact that there aren't even half a million people on this tiny island- there are only about 450,000 of us, so it was quite a big important event! Luckily, my best friend happened to have some sort of connection which managed to get us really good VIP seats in row E. Not that we were sitting down for very long! Anyway, the concert was absolutely great and so enjoyable. Sting even said a few phrases in Maltese which was incredibly well-recieved by the crowd.

Being so close, I of course had to take a few photos and here are some of the one that didn't come out a complete blur.

Teaser: this is by far the best picture I managed to take last night

Dominic Miller on guitar- he was really engaging with the crowd of us fans at the front

Lyle Workman, also on guitar

A bit blurry but I LOVE this photo! He saw me taking a picture and he gave me a big manic grin! Lol, so much fun!


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