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Sting on Breakfast with the Arts

A&E's Emmy Nominated Series
June 26th, 2005 8:00 -10:00 AM EST
Host: Karina Huber

She started out as an independent artist, and after
her first EP was released, a major-label bidding war
ensued. Singer-songwriter Tracy Bonham then signed
with Island Records, and was nominated for two Grammy
awards in the late 90’s. Today, she’s come full
circle, and has gone back to her independent roots.
Tracy recently dropped by our studio to talk to
Elliott Forrest about her ever growing career and to
perform off her new album blink the brightest.
In an almost three decade long career, singer /
songwriter Sting has established himself as an
international musical force. The former English
teacher first soared to fame in the 70s as a member of
the band The Police. In the 80s, he embarked on an
even more successful solo career, appealing to a broad
audience with a style embracing a wide range of
musical influences. This morning we take an intimate
look at Sting and his band as they gather at his
Malibu home to work on the recent album "Sacred Love,"
winner of the 2004 Grammy for "Best Pop Collaboration
with Vocals.”
Sizzling with boundless energy, Gogol Bordello is a
wildly inventive band fusing traditional gypsy music
with both rock and ska to create an electrifying
sound. Led by Ukranian singer/songwriter Eugene Hutz,
Gogol Bordello has become a sensation on New York’s
progressive downtown music scene. We recently caught
up with the band at a sound check at New York’s Irving
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Sting on Jimmy Kimbel

Just lucked out and came across him on this show. I've never watched Jimmy, but he's an ass! Sting looked uncomfortable with him basically saying his new music sucked and people only wanted his old material. I wouldn't want to stay watching this train wreak, but he's going to perform later. Apparently Sting's re-releasing Bring on the Night.

I did not know that...
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(no subject)

Hey guys! I bought a ticket for the Sting concert on April 1 in San Jose, but it turns out that I won't be here to use it. If anyone wants to buy it from me I'm asking $30 since that's what it cost. If you're interested just email me at asap!

Hello Everyone

Hi there!
It's great to finally find a place where there's other sting fans out there!

I'm a 22 year old from Australia who is a major Sting fan. I have all his albums and play them to death because seriously how could you ever get sick of listening to his stuff?
His music to me just seems to be getting better every album.
Like Robin here my live journal is named after sting - "The book of my life" :D

My favourite Sting album is Soul Cages and my favourite Sting songs are Inside, Mad About You and Sweet Desert Rose.

Bye for now,
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woody allen

this is driving me mad

hey guys! i'm seeing sting at mohegan sun in may, so, naturally, i'm psyched beyond words. question: what is the name of the instrument used for fields of gold?? it sounds like a harmonica, only a lot cooler. thanks!
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Sting Simpsons

2005 Tour Schedule.. so far

Mon 01/10/05 Singapore, SIN Indoor Stadium

Wed 01/12/05 Bangkok, THA Impact Arena

Sat 01/15/05 Osaka, JPN Osaka-Jo Hall

Sun 01/16/05 Hiroshima, JPN Sun Plaza

Tue 01/18/05 Fukuoka, JPN Kokusai Centre

Wed 01/19/05 Nagoya, JPN Rainbow Hall

Fri 01/21/05 Tokyo, JPN Budokan Hall

Sat 01/22/05 Tokyo, JPN Budokan Hall

Sun 01/23/05 Tokyo, JPN Budokan Hall

Wed 01/26/05 Hong Kong, CHI Convention Center

Fri 01/28/05 Seoul, SKO Olympic Gym

Sat 01/29/05 Seoul, SKO Olympic Gym

Fri 04/01/05 San Jose, CA Event Center Arena

Sun 04/03/05 Eugene, OR McArthur Court Arena

Mon 04/04/05 Spokane, WA Spokane Arena

Tue 04/05/05 Kelowna, BC Prospera Place

Thu 04/07/05 Missoula, MT Adams Event Center

Sat 04/09/05 Nampa, ID Idaho Center

Mon 04/11/05 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center

Thu 04/14/05 Columbia, MO Mizzou Arena

Sat 04/23/05 London, ON John Labatt Centre

Fri 04/29/05 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel / Casino

Sat 04/30/05 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel / Casino
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I'm going to see Sting on the 9th of december!

First of all, hello to all the Sting fans in this group! I'm looking forward to chatting with other Sting fans very much!

And then I just have share my joy with you. I'm going to see Sting in concert on the 9th of december (my birthday) in Denmark, and I'm sooo excited about it. This will be the first time I experience Sting live.